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The famous "pilates core". Many people have heard about it, but few really know what it is. Some think the core is just your abdominal muscles or just your rectus abdominus, the one that most want to achieve to show a six pack. But the pilates core is a whole set of muscles around your midsection that includes the rectus abdominus but also the diaphragm, the internal and external oblique muscles, the pelvic floor and spinal muscles like the erector spinae, multifidus and psoas. The core is therefore the bridge between your legs and the upper torso. It is responsible for our stability during exercise and other daily activities. Without a strong core your back becomes very vulnerable for back pain. A professionally certified pilates instructor will teach you how to activate and use your core in order to move from the inside instead of moving just using your arms and legs. When you become more and more advanced in pilates you can reach a point where you experience your whole body connected with your core and you will experience your whole body moving like one big muscle, perfectly coordinated with your breath, with elegance and control. At this point pilates transcends gymnastics and becomes something completely unique that Joseph Pilates described as "The Art of Contrology" and can usually only be experienced after many years of dedicated practice.

Francisco Benitez

The Authentic Pilates Studio Marbella

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