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pilates marbella with reformer close to puerto banus guadalmina and san pedro de alcantara


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Welcome to our Authentic Pilates Studio in Marbella. What is the difference between our approach compared to mainstream pilates that you can find nowadays  in almost every corner? First of all is the training received. A professional pilates instructor has at least 600 hours in the original pilates system. This means the teacher has gone through a serious program where he/she has learnt the exercises exactly as Joseph Hubertus Pilates created them. Also the studio owns the right equipment that was also designed by this genius of the body. Jospeh Pilates spent his whole life perfecting his exercises and apparatus. Unfortunately he did not create a trade mark so that anyone can call himself a pilates teacher. Many pilates schools have created their own teacher training programs modifying the original exercises and many companies sell pilates machines that look similar to the original ones. However, if you have the chance to experience the real pilates system you will notice a big difference. Here at the Authentic Pilates Studio we invite you to try and compare. Our studio is fully equipped with Gratz equipment, the company in New York who owns the strict designs of Joseph and produces all apparatus under his guidelines since the beginning of the method. Francisco Benitez is a pilates instructor who has received his training by Davorka Kulenovic in 2002, who received her training by Romana Kryzanovska, who herself spent her life learning from Joseph Pilates. Francisco also had the chance to know and learn from Romana K. when she was already in her 80´s giving workshops in Paris back in 2005. This means that at our studio we are proud to offer something quite unique in Spain: the real and authentic Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. Many issues can be corrected with the right knowledge and equipment like fallen foot arches, knocked knees, bow legs, lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, stiff joints and muscles, general lack of strength and bad posture...Not all pilates is the same and we are convinced that you will be surprised to find out! 

pilates marbella


Calle 25   iiwi A6   Guadalmina Alta

(close to hotel barcelo)

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Calle 25 Guadalmina Alta  29670 Marbella, San Pedro de Alcantara

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