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Did ever want to levitate? With pilates you can do it! There is this wonderful exercise called The Pull Up on the Wunda Chair. You need to set up two springs according to your weight and level. The lighter the springs the more difficult the exercise! Your hands are placed shoulder width apart and your feet on the pedal in the pilates V-position with your heels lifted. Then you bring your shoulders over your wrists and wait for the magic to happen. Hmmm what? Nothing moves? Well now you need a strong core and to bring some of your body weight forward over you hands in order to lift the pedal up in the air. But if you bring too much of your body weight forward then you will loose control and fly up! So try to stay with your shoulders over the wrists and use your core rather than leaning forward. Then bring the pedal up as as high as possible and count for three before you softly return back down again. So here is the big challenge : on the way up keep your weight a bit more over your toes and on the way down keep it more over your wrists, this way you will have a non-stop core work. And always your head stays curled inward following the c-curve of your spine!

Francisco Benitez

The Authentic Pilates Studio Marbella

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