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Joseph Pilates was very much concerned about breathing and specially about the exhale. He understood that if you are able to exhale deeply, the inhale will happen as an automatic or natural response to the exhale. He also had a lot of opera singers among his students and for them expansion of the breath was a key element of their performance. So he came up with this little device called the breath-a-cizer where you have a wooden handle that you hold firmly against your lower chest, where you are going to press towards your diaphragm, and then you have a spinning wheel that you are going to blow against through a straw. The goal is to keep the spinning wheel moving for as long as possible as the teacher counts the seconds in order to motivate you. As you blow you also bend more and more forward to really empty your lungs as much as possible. You do this about three times, not more or you could get dizzy. Great for asthma too and a fun way to expand your breath!

Francisco Benitez

The Authentic Pilates Studio Marbella

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