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First of all it is important to say that Joseph Pilates was a man, an athlete and a boxer, and he had many male students. He trained police men and injured soldiers. The pilates method started as a men's workout and then with time more and more women became fascinated with this discipline. There is nothing different between men and women when it comes to correcting posture increasing core strength and flexibility.There is a growing number of elite sportsmen making pilates part of their training for this very same reason. However some men think that pilates is going to be boring or too easy for them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Authentic Pilates is a strong hard training that will make you sweat and cause your muscles to tremble. There is no limit when it comes to difficulty regarding pilates and good instructor knows how to push you to maximum effort.

Francisco Benitez

The Authentic Pilates Studio Marbella

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