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When a new client comes for the fist time to my studio I like to observe the way he or she walks. Feet are very important but often neglected when it comes to correcting posture. Joseph Pilates was very aware about this fact and he created the Foot Corrector to strengthen and align the foot. Weak ankles and fallen archesare the most common issues that I encounter, but there are other conditions like plantar fasciitis or curled up toes. Under the qualified supervision of a professional pilates instructor that guides you on how to press against this device in the right spot for your own foot issues you will be able to see fast results. Another common issue are bunions. For this we also have another tool, the so called Toe corrector that helps in bringing the big toe back into its natural position. See picture below.

In addition to that we also use other equipment like the reformer and the pilates chairs to work on your feet and ankles.

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