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If you enter an Authentic Pilates Studio you will see a room full of strange looking equipment that resembles a torture chamber. Beds with straps and springs and other unfamiliar pieces of furniture with black leather. But far from being medieval tools of punishment we find in front of us Joseph Pilates creations to assist the human body in achieving the best posture, strengthen your muscles, reshape your body and reverse aging.

Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, PediPole, Foot Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, High Chair and many other are the names of those apparatus.

These apparatus provide resistance and feedback for the client to combine deep effort with correct alignment to create new patterns of movement.

A well trained teacher will guide you through a series of exercises that is personally tailored to address your weak spots. He will bring you in a situation where you will feel your imbalances and he will, using his hands and words, CORRECT YOUR ALIGNMENT DURING THE EFFORT. This is the mystery. Without resistance me may be able to correct our posture easily. But the moment our bodies are challenged misalignment becomes immediately visible for the teacher trained eye. This can be very subtle but the moment you are asked to repeat the exercise with the new alignment yoy will experience what I call THE PILATES MOMENT: you are almost unable to move! This is where the magic happens, the real transformation of the body!

I have many clients that come from other pilates studios and most of them tell me the same: “I didn’t experience this exercise being so difficult before” Many of them feel like they are discovering pilates again.

Marbella Authentic Pilates Studio

Francisco Benitez

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