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Yesterday Tim came to his pilates class asking for some challenging upper body work. Then I decided to work with him on the Pilates Wunda Chair, one of the most challenging pilates piece of equipment. Here I am introducing him to a push up variation where his feet are place on the chair's pedal. This is quite challenging as the pedal tends to sink down towards the floor. For safety reasons the chair is placed against the wall so it won't slide away during the exercise. Just to hold this position requires a lot of strength and control but Tim is now ready for it and he loves to be challenged with new exercises. As you can see on the video there is often the tendency so sink the hips to low but we need to keep the body as straight as a rod of steel. This can be achieved with a very strong core that will prevent the center from collapsing. Tim had fun and wants to repeat the exercise next week again and I am sure that after a few lessons he will get the necessary control.

The Authentic Pilates Studio Marbella / Francisco Benitez

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