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Now we offer a more flexible pricing system for our customers. The first great news is that we offer a reduced first lesson, a trial lesson for 50% less. That's only 30€ for one private pilates lesson using equipment! This way you can try and convince yourself about the quality of our work at a half price. At Marbella Pilates we are very aware that many of our customers are not resident and some of them are here for a short period of time. There for we have now the option getting a discount if you buy five lessons for €275 that makes only €55 for a one to one class instead of the regular price of €60. But if you want to save even more we offer also the classical option of paying for 10 lessons for €500, saving €100! We hope with this new system to adapt to the needs of more of our clients that visit our area.

Flexible body, mind and also pricing!