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Pilates has a reputation for various physical benefits such as increased strength and improved flexibility and coordination. Perhaps the biggest advantage of Pilates is that it involves a wide range of activities and can be performed with and without equipment.

A quick tip for beginners

The common terminologies used in Pilates continue changing over time however, there is no such thing as a Pilates machine. Pilates is a fitness system that uses equipment or larger pieces, which we refer to as Pilates apparatus. There are specific names for the different types of equipment used in Pilates.

Pilates equipment are grouped into two main categories. The first category involves small, portable equipment which include fitness bands, magic circles and exercise balls. Then we have larger pieces of equipment or apparatus such as Pilates “electric” chair, wunda chair, Pilates reformer, pedi-pole, barrel and Cadillac. These are the types of equipment you can expect to find in the Marbella Pilates studio.

What you need to remember

Pilates exercises are only effective when performed correctly. Therefore, it is highly essential that you practice this exciting fitness system with a certified professional. One-on-one classes are always preferred over group classes because not only does this allow the student interact more with the instructor, but it gives him or her chance to perfect technique and form.

To be successful in your Pilates journey, it is imperative that you are familiar with the equipment being used. In most cases, a group class does not give individuals the opportunity to fully understand the use of certain equipment as opposed to an individual class where instructors can confine their full attention toward the student.

There are many gimmicky products sold in the market which are labeled as Pilates equipment. Any product that may promise fat burn or fast weight loss compared to normal exercises may not be a smart choice. Instead of spending excessively on products that may not work, it is advisable to try a professional fitness center with dedicated and certified instructors and equipment that actually do what they promise.

Spring resistance

The most commonly used equipment used in Pilates is the reformer. To some beginners, the reformer may look daunting, which is why they take up individual lessons on how to use it.

The cables, straps, bars and pulleys allow individuals to perform exercises from a variety of positions, including standing.

Most Pilates students prefer private classes over group sessions because of their lack of knowledge and experience with Pilates equipment, especially the reformer. Private sessions often give them a kick start and boost in confidence to keep continuing their Pilates journey without any hiccups.

The resistance created by the spring and pulley system in the reformer provides a challenging, yet enjoyable strength and endurance workout compared to mat exercises. Students often achieve results sooner and the muscles of the arms, legs and stomach look much more defined and firm with just a few regular sessions.

Another popular Pilates equipment you’ll find at the Marbella Pilates studio is the Cadillac. The Cadillac also utilizes spring resistance and is sometimes referred to as a trapeze. It’s a table with crossbars where straps can be attached. The intensity of the exercises that can be performed with this apparatus can range from mild to intense depending on your fitness level.

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