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In this video, MeJo shares her detailed cues and alignment instructions for a variety of exercises that are commonly used on the Pilates Ladder Barrel. For instance, you'll learn what to look for when first teaching the Swan Dive, and where to place your hands so that your student can feel what you're asking for. MeJo includes key details like how to increase a stretch without collapsing in the spine, understanding where the frame of the body is and how to correct it if it's off kilter, why it's important to keep your eyes open and much more. Further exercises covered in this video include the Horseback, Leg Stretches (aka Ballet Stretches) the Side Stretch (Poisson), Back Stretch, Short Box with Tree, Side Sit Ups with feet on bottom rails as opposed to hooked on ladder as was shown in Intermediate Ladder Barrel for Men. It's particularly helpful to see the similarities and differences in the ways MeJo works with different body types throughout this series. At Pilates Marbella we use the full range of equipment including the ladder barrel!

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