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With today's society becoming more and more body-conscious, people are scrambling for gym memberships and seeking to sign up for various workout regimens. However, there are some people who wish to exercise in the privacy of their own home, and don't want to have to buy expensive gear. An excellent and simple way to reduce stress and tone muscles at the same time is to attain a Pilates ring. The Pilates ring is designed to be easily used. This allows for the participant to be seated, standing or reclining. Because of the ease of use, the individual can use this resistance piece of equipment when lying on their back, stomach or on either side of the body. The resistance is provided by exerting pressure on the outside of the ring inward or on the inside of the ring outward. This exercise tool was designed to sculpt core muscles. Core muscles include the abdominal muscles, the pelvic muscles, and the buttocks muscles. The key to sculpting these core muscles is in tightening them all through endurance stretching, and the magic circle is a safe way to accomplish that. Another added bonus is that it can tone not just the core muscles but other difficult-to-tone muscles in the legs. An example of an exercise in which leg muscles are tightened is when one lies down on a mat and puts the ring around their ankles and, lifts their legs up and down gradually in order to feel the resistance.

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